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Winter weather and snowmobilers boost Vilas County business

EAGLE RIVER (WAOW) - Winter weather means snowmobilers are hitting the trails and riders come back every year to feel the rush.

"We've been coming up here, even years that there's no snow at all,” said Bob Kester of Brown Deer. “You know it's a little cold this year, but there's more snow then what's been up here in years."

These frigid temperatures can be too cold for riders, making them stay inside. But some local businesses in Eagle River say the weather is benefiting them.

"We really count on it to help us get through the winter," said Dawn West, the owner of Maplewood Resorts.

Cabins at Maplewood Resort are filled with riders and owners say this has been the busiest time of the year.

"The holiday week is always busy for us people, have vacation days to use up," said West.

But they aren't the only business feeling the rush. The Friendship House is right next to the trails and workers say this winter weather is helping them too.

"It brings the snowmobilers in,” said Susan Schufelt, a waitress at Friendship House. “It makes a big difference because the last couple of years, we have not had that much snow at this time of year and it's made a big difference this year."

"It's not just the restaurants, it's not just the motels,” said Schufelt. “When that money gets here, it spreads out and it's good for the whole community."

Resort owners agree.

"There's always a big buzz of snowmobiling in the area,” said West. “It's one of the main attractions to Eagle River and Vilas County."

Vilas County officials say there is 10-15 inches of snow on the ground, and businesses say the cold should keep those conditions and more riders should be headed their way.

Vilas County snowmobile clubs report trails are in good to very good condition.

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