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Fireworks, immigration fears, greet 2014 in Britain

LONDON (AP) - Britons are marking the arrival of 2014 with a combination of futuristic fireworks and torch-lit tradition.

But the new year also brings worries about immigration. The U.K. is just one day away from lifting restrictions on workers from Romania and Bulgaria -- and that has many on the country's right worried.

The Sun newspaper carried a feature about Romanian bus passengers who were headed to London. It quoted them as saying they would beg and steal their way across the country.

The right-leaning Daily Mail reported that planes and buses from Romania to the U.K. were "sold out" -- a claim ridiculed by journalists who easily found cheap flights online.

For people already in London, the New Year is giving them the opportunity to literally taste the fireworks.

The city's mayor -- in conjunction with telecommunications company Vodafone -- said this year's explosive display would come packed with peach-flavored snow, edible banana confetti and orange-scented bubbles, allowing people to feast with more than just their eyes. The multisensory display will also include scratch-and-sniff programs, LED wristbands and fruit-flavored sweets.

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