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Outdoors with Lauren: Making Ice


Making ice seems as simple as freezing water, but when you're trying to make an entire snow mobile race track out of ice the process is much more complicated.
Owner of the 525 Race Track Ralph Merwin says, "We started about two weeks ago and its a 4 week process total so we have plenty of time. You have to watch the weather, because you can't pour when it's cold. It's been cold so it's working out well."
Merwin says it takes one million gallons of water to build the ice for the annual snowmobile races.  "The tuck is 2,000 gallons so it takes about 500 truck loads."
Merwins says he has about 100 volunteers that help him every year, and it's a very meticulous process. "It's about 1/16 of an inch every time you go around so it takes a lot of rounds to make 16 inches. That's what keeps it flat is the very thin layers that go down."

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