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Wausau Tile featured in Times Square

ROTHSCHILD (WAOW) - All eyes may be on the New Year's ball dropping, but everyone's feet in Times Square will be on a little piece of central Wisconsin. Wausau Tile manufactured and shipped the pavers, which are now partially set in the New York City landmark.

"[We] made a lot of modifications along the way, but ultimately [New York City is] happy with the design and the installation looks fantastic," said Wausau Tile Vice President of Sales Tom Hale. "It'll be nice to see it on TV and hopefully see it tonight."

The tile features a new pattern by the company: stainless steel buttons.

Wausau Tile leaders say they've laid down 60,000 square feet of pavers in the square as a part of the project's first phase, which was completed about two weeks ago. That's slightly more than the size of a football field.

There are plans for 130,000 square feet of pavers total.

Hale says his company is proud to leave its mark in such an iconic spot of New York City.

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