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Bitter Cold Wind Chills Continue

The wind chill will range between -40 and -50 through noon and then range from -25 to -35 later today.

Wind chill is a calculated value that considers air temperature and wind speed. The "feel-like temperature," as it is often referred to, expresses numerically how air is perceived on skin. It is useful in the explanation of alerting how long it takes for frostbite to set in.

The wind chill formula also takes into account the transfer of heat from the human body to offer a timetable of how long skin can be exposed before cold weather dangers become imminent.

For instance, an air temperature of -10° with a wind speed of 5 mph indicates a wind chill value of -22°. Air that cold can see frostbite develop in less than 30 minutes. However, keeping the air temperature steady at -10° but increasing the wind speed to 30 mph drops the wind chill value to -39°. Air that cold can see frostbite develop in less than 10 minutes.

The air mass sliding across the northern tier of the United States and southern Canada originated near the North Pole. With the jet stream well south of Wisconsin and a storm system pushing into New England, this cold air mass will be allowed to rest in the Midwestern United States through Wednesday.

This bout of chilly weather brings some of the coldest air the region has experienced since the mid 1990s. In 1996, air temperatures on February 2 only warmed to -20° in Wausau. That is the coldest maximum temperature for the city in recorded history. Just yesterday (Monday, the 6th) the official high temperature was -14, so not very far away from record territory.

In Wausau, average high temperatures this time of year in January typically feature highs of 23° with lows of 6°.

Despite the frigid and unseasonably cold weather anticipated in the region this week, warmer temperatures are slated to begin arriving by Thursday and Friday. High temps should be in the teens on Thursday and reach the 20s to near 30 on Friday.

For complete forecast details, follow this link.

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