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Witness describes multi-car crash in Marathon County

MARATHON COUNTY (WAOW) - Rick Secord of Schofield said the multi-car crash Tuesday on I-39 was a scary scene.

"It was kind of mayhem there was a lot of wreckage a lot of stuff all over the road," said Secord.

His co-worker called him from the mess.

"She said there was a major pileup by the Knowlton exit and she was in the ditch,” he said. “She was crying."

She had veered off the road to avoid a semi truck.

"All she saw was brake lights because it was a white out and she turned off to go into the ditch," said Secord.

Then, his co-worker and another person involved in the crash got out of their cars.

"One of the other individuals involved in it told them to run toward the wood line to avoid being hit by all the other cars that were coming," he said.

Once she was returned to her car, Secord and his boss came to assist her. After parking far down I-39, they walked, found her, and they got their first look at the scene.

"The two semis were pretty mangled the two main ones that were involved," said Secord.

He says there may be a way this kind of crash can be avoided.

"If people slow down on the highways," said Secord.

Secord also said that the most important thing is that his co-worker is safe.
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