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Reaction to Wausau mayor's veto of sober server ordinance


Community leaders are reacting to the Wausau mayor's veto of an ordinance requiring bartenders to stay sober.

The city council passed that law 8 to 2 earlier this week. But Mayor Jim Tipple vetoed it Wednesday. The mayor said the council needed more community input.

City council member Keene Winters agrees with the mayor.

"I was really disappointed that I heard some city council members say in that debate, it doesn't matter what we hear from the tavern league members, we're going to do this anyhow, there's nothing they could say that would change our mind." said Winters. "I think that's a terrible mindset."

Wausau Police Chief Jeff Hardel supported the ordinance. He said he was a little surprised by the mayor's veto, but he says the city will move forward.

"I'm very willing to discuss the implementation and the ordinance factors with the tavern association," said Hardel. "If that's what the council wants, we'll gladly do that."

The city council can override the veto with a two-thirds vote.

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