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Wausau businesses flourish from busy weekend

WAUSAU (WAOW) - From the Badger State Games, to pond hockey, to hitting the slopes at Granite Peak, the Wausau area is buzzing with things to do. Some local businesses are feeling the rush of customers.

"People are starting to get the message that Wausau is a great area for it,” said Seth Alwim, the manager at Sheppard and Schaller in Wausau. “So with that comes increased traffic in the store."

Managers at Sheppard and Schaller say they're rented out for the weekend, and they've had customers from all over the country come to the store.

"We just did a rental request for a family from Florida that's up skiing right now so they're up for the weekend," said Alwim.

The manager says an event filled weekend helps the entire area.

"We have a lot of business friends in the downtown area and a lot of businesses restaurants things like that, and they're also seeing a lot of increased traffic from it as well," said Alwim.

Polito's Pizza in Wausau is one of those businesses.

"All these events are great for Wausau because we have a lot of great local businesses here in Wausau," said Nina Kilcoyne, a worker at Polito's.

The restaurant has seen a rush of customers from events, too.

"A lot of people came in with their ski jackets on and their pass and they have hats on, and you can tell they just came from the hill," said Nina Kilcoyne.

These local businesses say busy weekends are helping put the Wausau area on the map.

"We're finding a lot of people saying they didn't know Wausau existed in the extent that they're experiencing it," said Alwim.

Now, people want to come back for more.

"We have a lot of families coming back to Wausau because of what they're finding here to do," said Alwim.

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