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Gov. Walker calls special session, begins push for tax cuts


Gov. Scott Walker has called the legislature into special session. He wants lawmakers to pass his tax cut plan.

The governor announced his plan Wednesday during his State of the State address. On Thursday he stopped in La Crosse to start talking about it.

"We want to take about $800 million of that surplus and give it right back to the people who earned it, the hardworking taxpayers of Wisconsin," said Walker. "A portion through property tax relief, a portion through income tax relief and through substantial changes in terms of withholding, so people can get more of their money back right now."

Republicans loudly applauded the governor's plan during his speech. Many said tax cuts are the right thing to do.

But some GOP senators have expressed concern about the tax cuts adding an expected $100 million to the state's projected budget shortfall, according to the Associated Press. Walker is counting on the economy to grow and help erase that.

Meanwhile, Democrats are also responding to Walker's speech. Many of them said the governor's plan is misguided.

"We've seen what happens when he works in a unilateral, single-party system, with unilateral control over state government," said State Sen. Minority Leader Chris Larson. "We think it's about time we try to work in a bipartisan way to find common-sense solutions for our state."

Walker called the legislature into special session Thursday to begin working on his agenda. Republicans control the state Assembly and Senate.

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