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Woman: My boyfriend's 'alter ego' assaulted me

WAUSAU (WAOW) - Wausau police say a 22-year-old woman has accused her boyfriend's "alter ego" of sexually assaulting her.

The woman told police that the 24-year-old boyfriend wants to be called by a different name, his body language changes and the tone of his voice changes when his alter ego takes over, Lt. Mark Pankow said.

The woman came to police headquarters Tuesday with her parents to report the allegations, which involved four incidents of sexual assault by the man's alter ego, the most recent in October, Pankow said.

The boyfriend, who has a child with the woman, was interviewed and no arrest was made, Pankow said.

The couple began dating in March 2012 and began living together several months later, according to police reports.

The woman said that after the first sexual assault by the boyfriend's alter ego, the boyfriend collapsed, passed out and when he “woke up he was back to himself,” the police report said. “The transformation time was approximately one hour.”

The woman told police the boyfriend has no recollection of the assaults after he wakes up.

The woman said she kept a journal and wrote about being scared of boyfriend's alter ego, the police report said.

The boyfriend told police that he has seen a doctor about the blackouts that he suffers but no medical problem was found. He said he was told by doctors that the "next time he passed out, he was to immediately respond to the hospital to be examined," the police report said.

The man told police he two similar episodes with his alter ego with an ex-girlfriend in early 2012.

The man told police he contacted “someone he knows that has multi-personality disorder and discussed this with him,” the police report said.

Police have forwarded reports of the woman's accusations to the Marathon County district attorney for possible charges, Pankow said.

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