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Vilas Co. resort has connections to history


Hidden just outside Eagle River in Vilas County lies a stretch of land the Chippewa dubbed "Kee-Mi-Con."

Translated it means, "I have found it." And that's a phrase that echoes true to this day in the latest chapter of this land's story.

"I found it, I feel like I belong here," Laura Koranda told Newsline 9.

Koranda is the latest steward of the wooded territory that's gone from settlement to pioneer trading post to now, Eagle Waters Resort.

"We like to make it feel like people when they're walking into somebody's living room," Koranda said.

A theme apparent walking about the outdoor-oriented locale. The resort's building decor is warm and guest rooms are bright and open. But it's the little touches highlighting the historical connections this spot of land has making a trip memorable.

"We understand this was the trading post where the election of 1860 for Lincoln happened on the property, and the votes were taken here in our trading post property," Koranda said.

Though the original structure in its entirety was unable to survive the test of time, Koranda was able to incorporate pieces of it into the current trading post.

"That's one of the first things when we have people come in here," John Gabriel said. "They're just amazed at some of the stuff we have here," he continued.

Gabriel works in the resort's restaurant where tables are set using photos from the Eagle River area. Decorating the facility include knick-knacks from Vilas County's history including a barber's chair that was in use in Eagle River for years.

Koranda says many of the pieces on display were donated by the community.

"We find that people when they're cleaning out their garages they can't part with the nostalgia," Koranda said. "They feel like Eagle Waters is a great home for them, so we often find things dropped on our stoop with a little note that says 'will you be the next generation caretaker for our stuff?" Koranda continued.

For more information on Eagle Waters Resort, follow this link.

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