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Rib Mountain woman searches for kind stranger


A Rib Mountain woman is on the hunt for a complete stranger who she says was by her side after a scary situation.

That woman was involved in a multi-car crash on Highway 29 Wednesday. She was seriously hurt.

The woman says one man sat with her for almost an hour while she waited for help, but she doesn't know who he is. Now she's on a search to find him.

"The next thing I remember is trying to pull my car off to the side of the road," said Krista Craft.

Craft was on her way to work when it happened. The crash involved several cars.

"I have a cervical sprain and some contusions and some bruising on my body," said Craft.

Unable to move, Craft says she just sat in her car. That's when she says a stranger got into her vehicle and wanted to help.

"This man came to my car his name was Eric and he came in, asked me if I was okay and I said no not really, and he came and he sat with me and held my hand the whole time told me everything was going to be okay," said Craft.

Craft says she doesn't remember a lot of what happened, but she remembers Eric.

"At least 40 minutes he was in the car with me and it was cold, my car wasn't running anymore," she said.

Craft says Eric said a prayer for her, called her boyfriend and called her boss telling them about the crash. 

 "Somebody from above is looking down upon the situation so that was her guardian angel yesterday helping her," said Krista's mother, Sharon Rogers.

"He waited with me until the ambulance came and he comforted me, he was amazing he is an amazing man," she said.  

That was the last she saw of Eric. Now, she'd like to find him again.

"I would just love to say thank you so much for stopping he didn't have to, that was very nice of him," said Craft.

Once a stranger, now a hero.

"If I could do what Eric did for me I would love to be that kind of a person," said Craft.  

Craft says she remembers Eric telling her he worked at Liberty Mutual. Newsline 9 tried to find Eric there but we weren't able to reach him.



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