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Outdoors with Lauren: A Pioneer for Women in the Outdoors


The amount of women who enjoy the outdoors is gradually starting to grow.  On this week's Outdoors with Lauren I bring you a story about a longtime outdoorswoman who's been fishing and hunting for more than 30 years..
Tracie Rajeck loves living on a farm surrounded by woods.  It gives her the best access to go hunting, a passion sparked the first time she picked up a gun to shoot clay pigeons.
"My husband handed me a gun and I said I'm not going to shoot it and he said you have to. I didn't want to do it, but I did. I took the gun and I shot 25 out of 25 and they just couldn't believe it."
Rajeck says that sparked her passion for the outdoors, but it didn't come without conflict.  "I shot my first deer, and I cried like a baby. I went over and saw that it was a doe, emotionally it just got to me. Maybe it's that mother connection and it really bothered me. I don't like to shoot does, I really don't. I was looked down on and everybody would make fun of you. I would go register a deer and the comments I would get would be 'oh you're just along to tag it. Your husband really shot it.' No! I did this."
About 20 years ago she moved on to bow hunting, and that's where her passion remains.  "I love bow hunting, I go every year. It's not about hunting so much as it's about being in the woods. I love being in the tree, it's my time to think. I can relax and I can forget about everything that's going on in the world around me. I can watch the animals, I can watch the leaves turn. It's kind of Zen-like to me, I just love it."
Tracie rajeck. A pioneer for women in the outdoors.  "There used to be a country song, I can't think of the singer, but it went 'I was country before country was cool' and I like to think I was hunting before women hunting was cool. I hunt, I fish, I do it myself. I don't' need a guy to field dress my deer, I don't need a guy to clean my fish, I can do it myself, and I'm proud of that fact."

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