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Wausau nursing home gives back to community


North Central Health Care employees donated 238 pounds of Christmas lights to Habitat for Humanity. They say it's to get involved in the community and raise money in a unique way.

"It was a lot of fun for us," said Jessica Meadows, the Communications and Marketing Coordinator for North Central Health Care.

As employees at North Central Health Care in Wausau tried to become more involved in the community.

"We had no idea what to expect this was the first time we were involved in the light collection program with Habitat for Humanity," said Meadows.

That program turns Christmas lights into money.

"We'll use that to buy lumber and stuff for our houses," said Chuck Strek, Habitat for Humanity's Recycling Manager.

How does this happen?

Strek says it's a process called electronic recycling.

"If we can get a hold of them and recycle them they can be used for their plastics they can be used for their brass ends and they can also be used for the copper that's in them," said Strek.

Strek says his organization has collected more than 3,000 pounds of Christmas lights in just 7 weeks. All from our area.

He says volunteers will pull the light bulbs off the wires and ship them to Illinois. 

"That's where they strip them out, we're going to make a couple thousand dollars," said Strek.

Enough to buy materials that will become part of new houses in the Wausau area.

"We currently have 55 houses in Wausau 56 and 57 are being built right now by our high schools," said Strek.

Employees at North Central Health Care say they're happy to help as part of the holiday season becomes part of a greater cause.

Habitat for Humanity leaders say they accept Christmas lights throughout the year. You can drop them off at the charity's warehouse in Wausau.


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