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Newsline 9 Interactive: #Newsline9

Many of you are already using #Newsline9 on Twitter to connect with us, but we want more of you to get involved.

You watch Newsline 9 to bring you the latest information on what's happening in central Wisconsin ,but did you know you can interact with us while we are on and off the air? Well, you can on Twitter using #Newsline9.

"It's a fun conversation," said Wake Up Wisconsin and Newsline 9 at 11 anchor Nate Barrett.

Do you tweet? If you do, you can tell us what you are seeing. You can share your thoughts with us. When you see news happening, it's an easy way to let us know about it. All you have to do is include the #Newsline9 when you tweet.

You can think of it as an all-access pass to interact with us and other Newsline 9 viewers.

Reporters and anchors tweet behind-the-scenes.

"I love tweeting with viewers during the show," said Barrett.

As they track down news, Newsline 9 will send out the information for you to see before anyone else. Like we mentioned, you can have a conversation with us too.

"Twitter is a great way to interact. They can let us know what they think about different stories, people will write me about the tie I am wearing, whatever they want to talk about," Barrett added.

If you want to see how others are using the hashtag, just search for it on Twitter and it's all right at your finger tips.

So, join the conversation – on and off the air and online.

To find out more about Twitter and to learn how to signup, click here.

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