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Outdoors with Lauren: Archery Club for Children

Bow hunting season is only a few short weeks a year, but the hobby itself can be a year round activity.

Randy Loew started a youth archery club at Gander Mountain more than 25 years ago. "It's my passion to teach kids to shoot."

For the Kukuczka's it's a family event, Alli and her brother are here to shoot their bows, but it also doubles as family bonding time.

Ten year old Alli tells me she loves shooting her bow for more reasons than just preparing to hunt when she's old enough. "It kind of takes all the pressure off if you've had a bad school day, and just relax and shoot."
Loew says he started the program to make sure youngsters learn the proper techniques.

"It's a great feeling for me because I know they need help and I can help them do that because I have been doing this for a long time. I'm a hunter safety instructor and a bow safety instructor. I've been teaching kids for many years on this and it really is a great feeling knowing I am helping in that manor."

He says sometimes new faces walk in with bad habits, but he loves being able to offer some guidance and correction. “Just to teach kids how to shoot, be safe and have fun when they're doing it. I don't' care if they're going to hunt or target shoot. Archery is a lifetime sport and they can carry it through their life and have fun doing it."

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