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Wausau driver: 'My teeth are going to rattle out'

One of the toughest winters in years has made driving on some roads a challenge.  

"It feels like my teeth are gonna rattle out of my skull. It's bad," said Ron Ploeger of Wausau about driving on the bumpy roads.

Marathon County Highway Supervisor John Bangert warns this is just the beginning of heaved roads and the pothole season.

"More will be coming. The frost is deep and with cold and then warmer weather coming next week there will be more heaving on the roads in some areas," said Bangert.

County highway crews and public utility workers often patch the potholes and cracks.

Bangert says the fix is usually temporary.

"If there is more snow coming, moisture gets in and that pops the patch out. So we keep patching and they keep popping,"
 added Bangert.
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