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Low income families in Wausau get help with taxes

WAUSAU (WAOW) - Tax season is underway, and for some low income families this time can be difficult. Super Tax Saturday is a way to help them.

"It's primarily designed for folks for qualify for earned income tax credit," said Cheryl Kelly, the AARP tax aid local coordinator.

This is the fifth year United Way and AARP held the event at the UW Extension building in Wausau. People with an income below $51,000 are able to sign up.

"We have an intake process where we meet with the taxpayer go through their documents and make sure they have everything they need and then they meet with a preparer," said Kelly.

Organizers say people come back every year.

"People are very grateful for the service and we have a lot of repeat customers," said Kelly.

This year, they had more than 40 people sign up, which is up from last year.

"Our slots this year were filled very quickly,” said Jackie Carattini, a family living agent for UW Extension. “Last year it was a little slower."

Organizers say they see a need in the community for events like this.

"We'd like it to pay their bills or go into savings for emergencies and not have to pay several hundred dollars to have their taxes prepared," said Carattini.

She says events like this make that possible.

"They keep coming back,” said Carattini. “It's very refreshing to see that we're able to help individuals and that the word is spreading."

Organizers say they hope to help even more people each year.

United Way also has free tax preparation on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the UW Extension building. You can call 2-1-1 to schedule an appointment.

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