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Snow causing roof problems across central Wisconsin

WAUSAU (WAOW) - A number of homes and businesses across central Wisconsin are being affected by snow covered roofs. Grant Young, the owner of Grant R. Young Dentistry noticed something wasn't right with his office roof on Friday.

"The roof started leaking and the ceiling tile came down and made a mess on the floor," said Young.

It started as a small leak, but then things got worse.

"The other three valleys of our roof started leaking as well," said Young.

Young called Wausau Roofing and Siding to fix the problem.

"This is the worst that I have seen in 20 years,” said Cjess Kufhal, the owner of Wausau Roofing and Siding. “I've never seen so much snow accumulation on a roof. It's like the perfect storm."

Owners say he's not the only one dealing with this snowy mess.

"We have had at least 25 calls in the last two days, and average winter we might get five calls in the entire winter season," said Kufhal.

He said garages, barns, and older houses are more likely to have collapses. He says it's the type of snow we've had that's to blame. 

 "What we had Monday and conceivably this week could be the straw that breaks the camel's back because this is wet heavy snow," said Kufhal.

  Kufhal says you never know when a leak or collapse can happen.

"It's pretty much a surprise,” said Kufhal. “When it goes it's crack and bang and down it goes."

But there are ways to help stop this. One of them is a snow rake.

"They're safe to use.” said Kufhal. “A homeowner can actually stand on the edge of their roof and the rake won't damage the roof. It's light weight and it's got little wheels on it and it's just going to gently scrape the wheels off."

Professionals like him also use a snow blower and other tools to get the snow off. But before you try any of this, make sure you know how to do so safely.

 This winter is far from over.

"This may be a trend of things to come,” said Kufhal. “You won't see this extreme amount of snow on roofs again for years to come."

"This is going to be interesting the next six weeks,” said Young. “Until we really punch through the tail end of winter and get into spring when these roofs can be free of snow."

Owners at Wausau Roofing and Siding say if you do want to get a snow rake or other tool to help clear your roof, he says you can find them at your local appliance store. But with all this snow, safety is key.

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