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Stevens Point cashing in on sidewalk citations

Business is booming for Dudley Robinson of Stevens Point who shovels snow for extra money.

He says he can shovel six locations in a day. But for some, clearing sidewalks doesn't happen.

Last year, Stevens Point issued 250 snow removal citations. In 2012, the city issued only 97 citations.

"The major reason for the increase is the amount of snow we've seen. Already in 2014, from the first of the year to about yesterday, we've seen about 85 orders as well," says Michael Ostrowski, director of community development in Stevens Point.

After a snow storm, city leaders say a homeowner has 24 hours to remove the snow from the sidewalks. If they don't, they get a citation and city workers do the job. Despite the increase in citations, city leaders say they don't hear too many complaints from the public.

"For the most part it keeps the sidewalks clear. If there is a property owner who maybe absent and doesn't shovel his sidewalk at least the city is able to keep it clear to allow pedestrians to continue walking down the sidewalk," says Ostrowski.

City leaders tell Newsline 9 that a typical fine will run about $50. Many people we spoke with say they're in favor of the snow removal citations.

"I'm 65 years old. I can do it. Why can't some of these other people do it? Are they just lazy? Yes...I Do think the city should fine them, " says Dudley Robinson.

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