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Frozen pipes close Columbus Catholic Schools

Monday morning Columbus Catholic High School was silent with nothing but the sound of David Eaton's footsteps to be heard.

"They don't think this has ever happened before in this building," says Eaton, President of Columbus Catholic Schools.

School administrators say Sunday morning, a staff member discovered the water pipes were frozen. The cold drove the frost down to the pipes in the ground.

"The frost has just got down around to the very depth of the water server so I'm sure the frost caused the water to freeze when they weren't using any water, "says David Wasserburger, Marshfield Water Superintendent.

Around one o' clock on Monday, crews broke through to unthaw the pipes. Everything was back to normal. City officials say in more than 60 years the school's pipes have never froze.

There was urgency to Monday's work because the school hosts a basketball game.

"We're working on things to make sure the water we need to have several hundred people in our gym," says Eaton.

School officials say because of the location of the freeze there was nothing they could do to prevent the frozen pipes. Now, like many other cities are advising, the school must keep water running at all times

Eaton says, "we've been told we'll need to do that through May".

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