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Bitter temperatures could cost you

Marshfield is one of about a dozen central Wisconsin communities dealing with frozen water pipes.

Frozen pipes forced Columbus Catholic High School and Columbus Catholic Middle School to close Monday. The pipes thawed out and students resumed classes Tuesday.

"Everything is operating normally now," says David Eaton, President of Columbus Catholic Schools.

Marshfield Utilities says frozen pipes are impacting about 100 homes. Those affected are being told to keep water running 24 hours a day

"We've got a couple of faucets in janitors closets that are running full time and will be probably through the month of may," says Eaton.

Marshfield Utilities say those customers will not be charged for the extra water they use. The utility will pick up the tab for the wasted water, but there is a catch.

Marshfield Utilities officials say this may result in higher water rates in the future

"One-hundred percent of our revenues come from our electric and water customers so there is no money coming from taxes I guess or through the city. We actually pay taxes to the city, " says Bob Trussoni, general manager of Marshfield Utilities.

Utility officials say they are unsure whether rates will need go up. That's something they will discuss in coming months.

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