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Outdoors with Lauren: Natural Ice Bridges


It seems like most people have developed a lot of bitterness toward winter this year. We can all agree it's worn out its welcome, but on this weeks Outdoors with Lauren let's set aside our judgment and enjoy what kind of beauty winter has to offer.
Rolf and Barb Garthus have lived on their property in Amherst for 30 years. Right away they noticed something unique about the creek in their back yard. We strap on snow shoes so they can show me.
"Repeated freezing and the ice shelves freezing and then snowing, you get snow on top and it freezes and the water comes up and freezes the snow.  You get this big layer of sludge and then that freezes and pretty soon you have these big thick ice bridges that you can just walk right across."
The couple tells me these natural ice bridges fascinate them. They can only form in the frigid cold, just a quick reminder that something as beautiful as this comes from the winter weather we're all complaining about.
"The ice bridges start to form when the weather gets down to the 20-below range."
I thought to myself, wouldn't it be neat for others to enjoy this experience?  The Garthus' say Everyone is welcome. They don't believe in "no trespassing" signs.
"One day I saw someone walking down to the creek and I was upset because he walked right past the sign and I realized, ya know- the only reason I'm upset is because of that darn sign. I went and took down all the signs and it's been way better every since. I like people and I like people coming here."

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