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Wausau stray cats closer to finding a home

WAUSAU (WAOW) - The city of Wausau is taking a step toward figuring out what to do with stray cats.

Wausau's Finance Committee has agreed to start seeking bids from groups willing to take in those stray cats. The city is looking to pay less than the $80,000 the Marathon County Humane Society is asking for.

They've been grappling with this issue for almost a year.

Last May, the Marathon County Board decided to stop paying to shelter stray cats. Each municipality then had to work out individual contracts with the Humane Society.

Wausau was not able to do that.

As of January 14th, the Humane Society stopped taking in Wausau's cats.

Now the city is looking for someone else to take care of the cats for an amount of money that won't hurt its budget.

"They've been out trying to contact other facilities to see who may be interested in contracting with the city, and we'll find out who responds," said Anne Jacobson, the Wausau City Attorney.

"I think what we all need to do is put aside any of our personal feelings about this where we say, 'It's the city's fault. It's the county's fault. It's the shelter's fault.' Let's focus on the needs of the animals," said Mary Kirlin of the Humane Society.

Marathon County is offering to help pay part of the sheltering cost through 2015, but to remain eligible for that Wausau has to have a contract in place by March 31.

The Finance Committee meets again March 25.
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