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Stevens Point educators get creative with snow days


We've now learned how Stevens Point educators got the idea to add minutes to each school day.

This move will help the district make up lost days. But, it's how they got to this point that's so creative.

Would you rather an additional make up day, or additional minutes to each school day? That's the question Stevens Point area school district leaders posed to parents and teachers.

"We knew we had to make up some time," said Director of Secondary Education Kehl Arnson. "So, we thought, lets ask people and see if we can send out a quick Google survey."

The survey had two options. First, add a make up day on June 9th. The second, add six minutes to each school day for the rest of the school year.

"It was wonderful, we had over 2,300 responses to the survey," explained Arnson.

It broke down like this, more than 80% of district employees said add minutes. Parents agreed. Nearly three quarters also chose to extend the school day.

"We knew it could work and after the survey, we really found out we had the consensus and support of the community and staff," said Arnson.

So, starting March 3rd each school day will be six minutes longer.

"We'll put those minutes in a couple periods of the day won't disrupt the whole day and the bell ringing and class schedules," explained Arnson.

That's something teachers say is really important.

"It won't change it much at all. One minute in the course of 45 really doesn't change much," said Ben Franklin Junior High School french teacher Chelsea Peeters.

As for students, they don't mind the change either

"Now we don't have the extra weekend and then come back on a Monday," said seventh grader Brooke Hiess.

It's a good plan, for now. But it could all change if Mother Nature decides to throw another curve ball.

"If we get another snow storm or bad weather day we'll have no choice but to extend the school year into June," said Arnson.

April 21st will also be added to the school calendar. It was originally scheduled as a teacher development day.

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