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Police: 20 warnings issued for cell phone violations


Wausau Police are beginning to crack down on drivers using cell phones. The city-wide cell phone ban went into effect earlier this month. Since then, Wausau police say they've issued about 20 warnings.

Officers say right now their purpose is to educate people about the new law, rather than punish them.

"It's been common place up until this point to see people driving around talking on their cell phones and we really don't pay much attention to that. But now, in the last few weeks, we've asked our officers to start paying attention to that and start enforcing that. So, as time goes along I'm sure we'll conduct a significant amount more of traffic stops," said Lt. Nathan Pekarske of the Wausau Police Department.

Police say they plan to issue warnings until Memorial Day. After that, they'll issue tickets.

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