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Donor helps send UWSP choir to Italy

UW-Stevens Point choir student Allycia Zalac has had a lot to sing for right now.

"Here we are and we did it," says Zalac.

Through fundraising and generous donations, the choir raised enough money to perform in Italy, something it hasn't done in at least 25 years.

"I actually didn't know if it was going to be true at first because it was such a hard thing to accomplish and pull off," says Zalac.

The choir's director says the students aren't the only ones who deserve credit.

"This trip could not be possible without a couple of people here in Portage County, a married couple who wish to remain anonymous, who provided a very large sum of money," says Lucinda Thayer, director of choral activities.

The couple donated about $13,000, making it possible for 27 of the 31 singers to make the trip. The choir director says each student will now pay $2,700.

"There was some students who wanted to go but just simply couldn't afford it. Fortunately that's not very many of them," says Thayer.

Thayer says the choir will be one of many performing in an international festival in Rome. The choir will sing 10 songs in English, German and Latin. Thayer says her choir will join with others from the United States and Italy during one concert.

“I'm really excited to walk around the town and see the culture and maybe not actually focus on as big the tour sites and focus more on the culture, " Zalac said.

A chance not achievable without the help to two generous donors.

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