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Top selling items this winter

WAUSAU (WAOW) - With the never ending cold and frequent sub-zero temps, store managers say shoppers are stocking up on gear that keeps them warm.

Mills Fleet Farm's Assistant Store Manager says the harsh winter has boosted sales.

He says the biggest items this season include coats, long johns and gloves.

"It's been pretty popular and yes, orders we've been keeping, trying to stay in stock on mostly everything," said Karl Beilfuss.

At Menards salt, scrapers, and ice removal products are popular items. The General Manager, Jim Maki says he's had to use different vendors to stay stocked.

"If our normal vendors have run out of the product and things of that nature, we bring in a different vendor just so we could supply products the entire season," said Maki.

Maki says especially with the propane shortage this season that electric heaters have been flying off the shelves, which also means they've been stocked longer on the shelves.

"In most years it's already been snow melted at this time," said Maki. "This year we're selling roof rakes and snow removals, so obviously this year is going to be extended."

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