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Newsline 9 Interactive: Ukraine Unrest

The unrest in Ukraine has impacted people in the United States and in central Wisconsin.

So, Newsline 9 has put together a number of resources on As events unfold, our website becomes a valuable tool.

We've created a special section, where stories are constantly posted to keep you up-to-date with what's happening. You can find that section by clicking here.

By clicking here, you can find a timeline of the key political events from the crisis – starting in November of 2013, all the way up until now. This story provides great context about how the situation got to this point.

We also have a look at stock markets around the world -- which have been declining because of the tension. The latest numbers can be found right on our Ukraine Unrest page. They are updated in real time.

The unrest has also produced very powerful images. We've put a number of those together in a slideshow to give you an updated look throughout the on-going crisis.

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