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Outdoors with Lauren: Snowmobiling


Gearing up with members of the Swampstoppers Snowmobile Club, I assure them, I'm a far less experienced rider than they are.

They remind me safety is first, but also to have fun.

Mike Trulen says, "We just hope that you have a good time and have fun, and want to share that experience with someone else."

We head out of Marshfield toward Spencer, and the need for speed takes over. The trails are perfectly groomed and marked, but they weren't always like that. 

Members of local snowmobile clubs spend hundreds of volunteer hours a year getting permission from land owners, marking the trails and grooming. All that work pays off for some of the best riding camaraderie.

"No matter who you are or what your age is, you can get involved in snowmobiling really easily. Getting involved in a club helps the club and grooming efforts, and you're with the people you want to ride with so they love it as much as you."

Mike Trulens father, Sid, is a snowmobiling pioneer in Wisconsin.

"He was one of the first contributors to getting the trail system set up in the state, because when snowmobiling first became popular there were no trails at all, and he was involved in that back in the 60s."  

Snowmobilers say it's important to remember the hard work generations of people have put into the trails.

"Show respect for the trails. Stay on the trail. That's what we ask"

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