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Horse rescued after being trapped in well


A dramatic animal rescue in Shawano County has created quite the buzz. Early Wednesday morning firefighters pulled a 1,500 lb horse from a well. But, its how they did it that's remarkable.

This is Jack. Looking at him you wouldn't think anything was wrong.

"He's just a big moose," said his owner Leslie Hamm.

But look closer, Jack walks with a limp.

"His leg is going to be quite sore for a little while," explained Hamm.

That's because around 12:50 Wednesday morning, Jack fell through a well.

"I just had a feeling to look out the window. I saw Dude standing in the window and not Jack," said Hamm.

Jack's hind leg was stuck inside the well.

"The heater that we do have usually melts the snow on top of the well cap, so you can usually see the well, but he just couldn't see it with all the snow," explained Hamm. "I can't even explain the fear and the intensity of being so scared."

So, Hamm called the Town of Grant Fire Department, hoping they could help.

"I held his face and I said, come on, I know you can get outta this, just come on," said Hamm as she described holding Jack's face, waiting for help.

But when firefighters got there, they were stuck. Getting a 1,500 lb horse out of a small well isn't an easy task.

"They were trying to figure out anything and everything that might be able to work," said Hamm.

Finally, firefighters came up with a plan.

"We used some chain and a fire hose and a municipal end loader to try to make a makeshift harness," explained John Henselin, Town of Grant fire chief. "We'd stop, re-hook, and talk about it. We didn't wanna just start jerking and pull him out."

It took about a dozen firefighters almost two hours, but the eight-year-old horse had been rescued.

"We did it the safest way possible," said Henselin.

"It was just a whole lot of emotion," said Hamm.

Now Jack's back on his feet.

"He's doing really, really good," said Hamm.

You could say he's as healthy as a horse.

The owners say they're in the process of building a fence around the well. In the meantime, it's completely boarded off so this won't happen again.

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