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Warmer temperatures causing problems for cities

Spring is only a couple of weeks away, but with all the snow on the ground and frost deep into the ground, the warm up could cause some problems.

"We're prepared for it," says Daniel Knoeck, Marshfield Director of Public Works.

Leaders at the Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company say they are paying close attention to the water levels along the Wisconsin River. In Nekoosa, which is along the river, the public works supervisor says he is not worried about threat of flooding.

A city official in Marshfield says right now potholes are a bigger problem than the risk of flooding.

"The longer temperatures stay below normal. The more likely it is there is going to be a rapid snow melt and historically we haven't had any significant trouble with snow melt at this time of the year but we do have some isolated area we'll be paying attention to and keeping our eye on," says Knoeck.

As spring emerges, Marshfield drivers now must maneuver around potholes, not flooded streets.

"I see them getting worse and see them doing damages to people's tires and all of that. It always causes a hassle for somebody but that's the risk you run living in Wisconsin,"says Jonathan Senne of Marshfield.

Knoeck says usually this time of the year his crews are fixing potholes, but due to the long winter that work has been delayed.

It's safe to say, winter will impact roads even into spring.

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