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Cold dampers construction crews spring deadlines


The cold winter has had a negative impact on construction. Workers have been fighting through miserable weather to meet spring deadlines. But, it's not looking good.

For Gene Traska this winter has been a battle.

"It's real hard to keep a positive outlook," said Traska, a project manager for Larry Meyer Construction in Wausau. Right now the company is dealing with a six week delay on some projects.

"We couldn't get the roof on, which then we couldn't get it insulated and have heat in the house, to put the dry wall done," said Project Estimator Kris Zuleger.

So, why the hold-up? It's simple. The cold weather.

"When we're starting in the morning with temperatures below zero then our people aren't gonna work at all that day," explained Zuleger.

Traska knows that all too well.

"You don't know from one day to the next, well should we work this afternoon? Should we wait until tomorrow? Is it going to get better?," said Traska.

In fact, managers say its been so bad that they've had to lay more people off than usual.

"We've had to lay them off for a week here, a week there, because there's no for them to go," said Zuleger. "We're scrambling to find projects for them but that's not always the easiest thing."

Over at Miron Construction, it's the equipment that's taking a beating.

"The equipment will start but many of the components that power the entire piece of equipment are extremely expensive and just starting the equipment can destroy those things," said Project Executive Jason Rieth.

The heavy snow hasn't helped either

"It's going to take longer for the frost to come out and we're going to have to thaw ground that on some years maybe we wouldn't have to get started," explained Rieth.

But crews say that's in the past, and they're looking ahead.

"It's outside construction. You grin and bear it," said Traska.

Plus, they say, things can only get better from here.

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