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Puddles and potholes are signs of spring

After one of the coldest, snowiest winters on record, an end is in sight.

Finally, signs of spring are starting to pop up. One icicle drop at a time, winter is melting away.

"If it's gone tomorrow and it's spring tomorrow, I'll be happy," said John Matyasz of Wausau.

Cars in Wausau lined up at the car wash for a spring cleaning.

"It doesn't pay to wash it until we get a nice warm day like today," said Arlene Stover of Wausau. "This makes you want to do a spring car clean."

Inside stores such as Shopko, the shelves have already changed for the season.

"Right now we have a lot of spring colors, we have the swim wear, we have patio furniture that just came in. We're even starting to get some of the lawn and garden stuff," said Janice Margenau, apparel manager. "Stuff that is definitely getting us amped up so as soon as that snow is gone, you can come in here and we can get that started for you."

But that melting snow is leaving behind potholes.

Marathon County Highway Department crews say this winter's weather is a recipe for more of them.

Crews are already out filling in the potholes.

"They repair them with a cold patch mix that we have. They heat up to a temperature of about 100 degrees, they put it in the holes and pack it in," said Russ Graveen, Marathon County Highway Department maintenance supervisor.

The potholes may not be the most popular sign of spring but at least it means we're moving on from piles of old snow.

"Whatever spring brings is what we're ready for," said Graveen.

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