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Iconic Medford theater needs help going digital


An iconic place in Medford is at risk of closing its doors. Owners of the Broadway Theater are asking the community for help and looking to the power of the Internet to keep things up and running.

At the Broadway Theater in Medford it takes a little extra work to keep this screen shining.

"For all the cost, I could get a lot of labor," said owner Dave Fleegel as he wraps film through a projector.

But soon, film will be a part of history

"Businesses predicted film would end Dec 31st 2013," explained Fleegel.

While film hasn't been completely phased out, many production companies are now going digital.

"Paramount recently announced it will only have one movie this entire year available in film," said Fleegel.

That's a big concern for Fleegel. The screens at the Broadway Theater only run on film. It would cost thousands of dollars to make the digital upgrade.

"We don't want to lose the businesses obviously, but we don't want the community to suffer either," said Fleegel.

That's why he's reaching out online. He's started a Kickstarter campaign.

"People can pledge dollars for the cause. Sometimes they get the product that's being produced, other times, like in this case they'll get a reward," explained Fleegel.

Fleegel needs to raise $70,000 in sixty days. The money would ensure at least two digital projectors.

"We hate asking for money but we don't really have a choice at this point," said co-owner Anne Fleegel.

"If we don't take some action or start to get some digital equipment we could really be behind the 8-ball," explained Fleegel.

The Broadway Theater has been an icon in Medford since 1976. Fleegel is determined to keep it going.

"It's one of the last remaining places where you can enjoy entertainment as a group together," said Fleegel.

Because, he says, this is so much more than just a theater.

So far, the Fleegel's have raised almost $5,000.

If you're interested in donating click here:


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