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Three time Grammy winner visits UWSP


A popular name in the music industry visited UW-Stevens Point Monday.

Three time Grammy winner Dame Evelyn Glennie worked with students and faculty in a master class to share her knowledge and advice.

Glennie has trouble hearing, but she says that doesn't define her or her music. In fact, she doesn't skip a beat.

A packed room with aspiring musicians, UWSP faculty, and community members all to see Dame Evelyn Glennie.

"Oh snap this is gonna be awesome,"said Emily Batterman, a senior at UWSP.

"There's always something special when you're in the vicinity of young people because we are here to learn from each other," said Glennie.

Glennie has earned the title of the first person to successfully create a full-time career as a solo percussionist. She's even earned three Grammy's.

"I think any sort of form of recognition is a chance just to pause take a breath and think where are you right now," said Glennie.

But Glennie's path is much different than other musicians. She's profoundly deaf.

"It's not something I deal with on a daily basis, but you deal with it, you really do," she said.

Glennie's struggled with it since age 12. But she says that didn't stop her from becoming who she is today.

"I think it's probably more hard for me to become a solo percussion player than a hearing impaired musician or something like that," she said.

And because of that, she's inspiring young musicians.

"Well I'm a little bit deaf in this ear so I can relate quite a bit, it definitely improves your musicianship you have to focus so much more just to be able to adapt to the other musicians around you," said UWSP freshman, Caitlyn Suszek.

"I think it's very important to know that hearing impaired people can actually appreciate music and we mustn't cut them off from it and likewise they mustn't cut themselves off," said Glennie.

 And she hasn't, no matter the circumstances.

"Music is a great vehicle and medicine in order to bring people together," said Glennie.

 Glennie is scheduled to perform at UWSP Tuesday night.  The concert is sold out. But she'll hold an open rehearsal Tuesday afternoon at the school. That is free and open to the public.


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