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Annual lamb barn tour welcomes the birth of twin goats

Menomonie (WQOW) - Even though it might not feel like it spring has sprung and along with it comes newborn animals.

The faces of animals give the young ones a chance to play and see life come alive right before their eyes.

Amelia Koch, from Chippewa Falls, said, "Because I wanted to see the sheep, I wanted to see the baby goat born."

Govin's Meats and Berries kicked off its 9th annual Lambing Barn tour with a special delivery: twin baby brother goats.

Dave Esselman, from Loyal, said, "This is awesome. It's great for the kids to see them start out and how little they are, and ... appreciate nature a little more."

Miette Gosse, from Chippewa Falls, said her favorite animals at the event were pigs.

Other farm animals received equal tender, loving, care from hundreds of spectators.

Koch said, "I like holding the baby chicks." Esselman's grandson, who is from Eau Claire, said, "The horses are better than anything because they're the fastest runners."

The animals had their share of preparing for the big day, sticking through another blusterous winter. John Govin, the owner of Govin's Meats and Berries, said, "The winter weather has really affected how we've prepared for this. It takes extra feed to feed them through the winter and we're watering sheep with the garden hose because like a lot of people this winter, we got water mains that froze up just over a month ago."

Despite the wicked weather, Govin says plans are on schedule. "It's been a long winter, and it's really great to see Spring arrive. Even if it's cold today, it's still spring and the babies are getting here right on time," Govin said.

Govin's Lambing Barn tour will be open for the next three weekends. Admission is $7.

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