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New Walmart in Merrill to open soon

MERRILL (WAOW) - The new Walmart superstore in Merrill opens next month.

"We're in the process of getting this store open and ready for the public," said Matt Colby, the store manager.

Managers at the superstore say the move from the smaller store across the street started ten years ago, but it was finally approved last year.

"We got in this store in the beginning of March and have been working in here ever since," said Colby.

The new store will have more things for sale.

"Produce, deli, meat department, bakery, a lot of items we did not have before," said Colby.

Some competitors in the area are feeling the competition.

"We've always been very competitive, and now we'll be even more competitive," said Randy Lambrecht, the store manager at Drew's Piggly Wiggly.

Managers at Piggly Wiggly say they know customers will check out the new store. But after 70 years of service, they're not too worried about losing business.

"We have such a loyal customer base,” said Lambrecht. “We've had customers come tell us they're going to continue to shop with us and we should not be affected that much in the long term."

They say Walmart means more money will likely stay in Merrill, and they are happy about that.

"The new Walmart having a super center will keep Merrill people in Merrill now instead of going to Wausau or another area that has a super Wal-Mart."

Walmart managers agree.

"We brought in a lot of jobs,” said Colby. “We've hired about 60 more people both full-time and part-time."

Managers say this means more jobs and more business to this community.

The grand opening of the Walmart is April 9.

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