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Wintry mix unwelcome by Wisconsinites

MARATHON CO. (WAOW) - Thursday's heavy, wet snow was a reminder of the winter Wisconsin has endured.

People around Wausau say they've had enough of it. But winter's grip just won't loosen.

A late March snowfall like this isn't uncommon.

"I'm not particularly surprised," said Ellen Becker of Athens.

But it is unwelcome.

"I want it to be over. I'm done," said Riley Fink of Wausau.

Sloppy roads and slushy puddles were a hassle for drivers.

"I think it's pretty bad because it's tough getting around. It's really inconvenient," said Fink.

The rough roads kept patrol officers busy.

"It's just the slush on the roadways and it came down so quick and heavy that people aren't slowing down and it will actually grab and pull your vehicle," said Wisconsin State Patrol Sgt. Carrie Johnson.

This wintry mix proved once again how relentless this winter is.

"It's just been a tough winter you know. That's pretty much all there is to it." said Fink.

Some native Wisconsinites are taking yet another snowfall in stride.

"I thought we were going to have spring this morning and now we have winter again. But oh well. We'll just take it a day at a time," said Gertrude Bunker of Wausau.

People like Bunker are looking past the snow and ahead to spring.

"I'm waiting for some warm weather. So we can, don't have to put boots or coats or jackets, you know, and walk outside and be nice and warm," said Bunker.

But for now, the boots and coats are still coming in handy as this winter weather hangs on.

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