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Badgers fans excited for the Final Four

WAUSAU (WAOW) - It's still sinking in for many fans that the Badgers are going to the Final Four.

After Saturday's nail-biter win over Arizona in the Elite Eight, there's an air of excitement. Fans are on cloud nine, and many are just hoping the magic can stay alive.

They are setting their sights towards a bigger goal.

"The last Final Four seems like it was a long time ago," said Rick Van Blarcom of Mankato, Minn. "2000 was a long time ago so this one just seems like it's right and it seems like we're going to win it all."

To prepare for the big game, people are stocking up on Wisconsin merchandise at Packerland Plus.

"It's not normally this crazy," said Ken Boho, an employee there. "It is pretty busy today. A lot of people want their Badger gear. They want the Final Four T-shirts."

Employees say they feel an energy from the customers coming into the store.

"It's the first time being in the Final Four since 2000 so there's a lot of excitement," Boho said.

Van Blarcom and his wife Colleen picked up some Badgers gear for when they go to the Final Four.

"As soon as the clock struck zero last night, it was, 'Let's go,'" he said.

Van Blarcom's fanhood has rubbed off on his wife.

"I grew up in Madison all my life," he said. "It ended up that somebody got me moved to Minnesota for some reason, and now I've just converted her to a Wisconsin fan and she's with it."

The excitement has put him in a predicting kind of mood.

"Kaminsky's going to take over the game," said Van Blarcom. "Brust will knock down a couple 3's. Gasser will do his job and bring home the trophy."

Whether he's right or not won't change what the atmosphere will be like next weekend.

"It's going to be insane, definitely," said Terrah Revoir, a bartender at Tremor's Sports Bar in Wausau. "There will be a lot of screaming, a lot of yelling, a lot of ranting and raving."

Van Blarcom says he's already fired up.

"Badgers are going to the Final Four," he said. "Badgers, national champs. All the way. It's in the bag."

Packerland Plus employees say during this March Madness run, Wisconsin basketball merchandise has been outselling almost everything in the store.
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