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April 2014 Jefferson Award: Dorothy Duberstein

Imagine having to go to sleep cold, with nothing to warm or comfort you.

That's something a Kronenwetter woman doesn't like to think about and she's doing something to make sure others won't have to either.

Dorothy Duberstein – our April 2014 Jefferson Award winner.

In her Kronenwetter basement, Duberstein has a quilting workshop set up.

“I like doing it because it keeps my fingers limber,” Duberstein said.

It is there that she stitches together the pieces of fabric.

“I have made 5,445 quilts since 1964, when I started keeping track of them,” she said.

Some go to family or friends, but many have been donated to people she's never met. She's especially proud of the extra large size quilts she donated to the Salvation Army's homeless shelter.

“We made them 60 x 80 so if they were sitting at a park bench they could wrap them around themselves to keep warm," Duberstein said.

She also shares her love of quilting and giving with students. Mosinee second graders proudly posed for a picture with a quilt made of fabric squares they decorated and Duberstein sewed together.

“They said to me at Christmas time, 'what should we do with it?' I said, 'give it to a needy family.'"

The children donated the quilt to a homeless man, who has since found a home and job. It's stories like that keep Duberstein quilting.

“I just think it's the right thing to do. I have a warm house and a warm place to sleep and warm beds."

At 89 years young, she continues her mission, stitch by stitch, reaching out help others.

Anyone who has ever been to the Kronenwetter yard waste sign knows Dorothy, as she works out there and at the end of every season she makes baked goods for people who stop by.

Last year she handed out more than 140 pieces of pie in one weekend.

If you know someone deserving of a Jefferson Award for volunteering their time to help others, you can fill out a nomination form by clicking here.

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