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Schools, businesses take part in statewide tornado drill

WAUSAU (WAOW) - Where would you go if a tornado struck today? State leaders want you to be prepared. That's why they asked all businesses and schools to participate in a statewide tornado drill.

They say practice makes perfect. Susan Holster, of Wausau, hopes that's the case here.

I think it's important that the kids realize this is what you have to do when the weather is bad and just be calm about it,” said Holster.

Holster and her two grandchildren took part in the statewide tornado drill. At 1:00 p.m. a mock tornado watch was issued. At 1:45 p.m. a mock tornado warning was issued. At the Marathon Public Library in Wausau dozens of people quickly got to the basement and took shelter.

The first thing we want is for our staff to be prepared, so if there actually is an emergency we can keep our staff safe and our patrons safe,” said Rebecca Lemons, library services manager.

The drill is part of tornado and severe weather awareness week. It's designed to motivate people to prepare in the event of severe weather.

If you're not prepared when an actual emergency comes up you're going to waste precious time wondering where am I going, what do I do, where's my safe place?,” said Lemons.

We all know weather here in Wisconsin can change in an instant. So, if you find yourself facing the threat of severe weather, emergency management officials want you to remember one word, duck. D stands for, down to the lowest level. U, under something sturdy. C, cover your head. K, keep in the shelter till the storm has passed.

Calmly go where you need to go,” said Holster.

That's what this drill was all about, preparing people of all ages how to stay safe in a potentially dangerous situation.

For more tips to stay safe during severe weather check out some of these links.

Follow the tornado safety checklist recommended by American Red Cross,

You can also go to the Weather Underground interactive tornado map:
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