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Congressman Duffy's selfie video comes with mixed reviews

WAUSAU (WAOW) - One Wisconsin congressman's plan to reach out to younger voters is creating quite the buzz. As Newsline 9 first told you last week, Representative Sean Duffy recreated a popular viral video.

The video is all about selfies. That's a photo taken of yourself with the intention to upload it onto a social media site.

In Congressman Duffy's video, he poses with Governor Scott Walker and Congressman Paul Ryan, just to name a few. But, the viral video is getting some mixed reviews

Congressman Duffy starts out the video, “Alright, I'm headed to a town hall meeting. But first, let me take a selfie.”

It's a growing trend. For the seventh district representative, it's a way to reach out to younger voters.

"What happens now in Washington has a direct and real impact on young people. I wanted to do a video with a lot of the people they see everyday in Washington that make decisions that have an impact in their lives,” said Duffy.

The video has taken off on social media. It's been viewed more than 8,000 times.

Is it a little bit cheesy? Yeah, it's a little bit cheesy,” explained Duffy. “But we're bringing in serious people in a fun presentation."

It's a good use of social media,” said Chris Kroh, a political lecturer at UW-Marathon County. Kroh says the video is more proof just how powerful social media can be.

They get to bypass the filters of the traditional media and they can appeal directly to people, either informing them or move them toward their position," said Kroh.

Some say it's working.

"It thought it was pretty funny,” said UWMC sophomore Tracy Wheatley. “It doesn't talk about any issues or anything like that and it shows him as a person and not just a politician."

But others say they're not buying it.

"I think its an attempt by a politician to seem cool but I don't think it succeeded, frankly,” said UWMC sophomore John Kennedy of Wausau.

No matter what you think, Kroh says get used to it.

Politicians are always trying to take the newest media and utilize it," Kroh said.

Congressman Duffy is up for re-election this year. He will face democrat Kelly Westlund. We asked her what she thinks of Duffy's new video. In a statement her staff said, "he's clearly more interested in raising his own pop culture profile than actually helping his constituents."
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