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Resolution reached in Wausau West Nerf war controversy

WAUSAU (WAOW) - The Nerf war involving six Wausau West seniors appears to be over.

"Oh we feel relieved," said Sam Adly, a student involved in the incident.

Last week, a 911 caller said there were people with guns near the high school. Turns out, they were only Nerf guns. But police still gave the six students involved disorderly conduct citations with a $240 price tag.

"We're in the business that we need to hold people accountable,” said Jeff Hardel, the Wausau police chief. “That's what the community wants us to do so the officers made the best decision that they could at the time."

Now, Wausau Police say they found a resolution. The students now have to make an educational video about safety awareness for younger students.

"They were open to it, and since I think we all agreed that this might be a better resolution and a better fit," said Hardel.

The police chief says he hopes the students learned something from this incident.

"We're asking the kids to be smart, be responsible and make good decisions to protect themselves," said Hardel.

Some students involved say they have. Some of them involved are also apologizing to the community.

"Something wasn't intended but like the person who called,” said Adly. “If I was in their shoes and I saw something like that happening, I would've done the same thing."

The Wausau police chief says he hopes to put this incident in the past, and hopes other students learn a lesson.

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