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Beloved Marshfield woman's family heirloom missing

MARSHFIELD (WAOW) - A family heirloom is missing. Now, the daughter of a beloved Marshfield woman wants your help to find it.

Last year Marge Wolf captured our hearts, her family hopes that attention helps them track down a piece of their history.

Ask anyone who knew Marge Wolf, it's not just a quilt.

It's sentimental,” said Shirley Southworth, Marge Wolf's daughter.

But to really understand that, you'd have to know Wolf's story. Last year the 97-year-old made national headlines after she told a would-be robber he could have candy, but not cash.

"You can have all the tootsie rolls you want I said," said Marge during an interview with Newsline 9 in 2013. “But I said, I'm not opening that cash register for you or for anyone.”

That's when the nation met her. But, Newsline 9 introduced her to central Wisconsin decades before. In 1989, Wolf and her husband were featured on our "Someone You Should Know" series.

They were highlighted for running the only successful family owned grocery store in the area.

That piece of history, stitched in time, along with dozens of other memories, are now missing.

It was a special quilt because it was for their 60th wedding anniversary,” explained Southworth.

About two weeks ago, the quilt was accidentally taken to St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store in Marshfield

I probably put it in the wrong pile,” said Southworth.

When family members realized the mistake, it was too late. So now posters hang throughout the store.

We're still looking everywhere we possibly can for it,” said Jeff Austin, store manager.

Austin says as many as 1,000 people come in and out of the store with donations every week. So, the quilt could be hard to track down.

It would be nice if we could pass it on from generation to generation,” said Southworth. “I'd gladly reimburse them for what they paid for it, just so we could have it.”

The family is not giving up hope. Because in true Marge fashion, giving up just isn't an option.

If you have any information about the quilt you're asked to call St. Vincent De Paul at (715) 387-4425.

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