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Severe weather myths

Newsline 9 is bringing you valuable information to help keep you and your family safe as severe weather season inches closer.

Now, we are tackling some severe weather myths. Chief meteorologist Justin Loew debunks a few.

"One of the most common myths, around our area anyway, is that different land features, or water features can prevent a tornado from hitting your house. For many years, people thought that Rib Mountain would protect Wausau from a tornado, but in 1978, a tornado came down right over Rib Mountain and struck the city. So that was proven wrong. And really, you are in danger of severe weather and tornadoes no matter where you live in north central Wisconsin," Justin said.

"Always from west to east, tornadoes don't always move that direction. That did lead to some advice in the past to sit in the southwest corner of your basement to be the most safe. But that is not the case. Typically, if you are in your basement or anywhere in your house, you want to be under something sturdy. You want to be covering your head, that's the most important thing."

Another myth – "a lot of people used to think that you should open your windows in your house to equalize the pressure between the inside and the outside so the house didn't blow up when a tornado was near by. Really what matters is timing. You don't want to waste time opening windows, that would take away from you getting to a safe spot and staying alive during a tornadic situation," Justin added.

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