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What to do in a storm, depending on where you are

With severe weather season just a few weeks away, Newsline 9 wants to make sure you're ready.

We are bringing you valuable information to help keep you and your family safe.

Do you know what to do when a storm hits, depending on where you are?

Chief Meteorologist Justin Loew has some tips.

"You find yourself in many different situations on any particular day. If you're at home, you know you should be at the lowest level you can get to, on the first level of your house or in the basement and you want to be away from exterior walls or windows, so a hallway or a bathroom is pretty good."

But you're not always home when a storm hits.

"When you're at work, you'll want to know what the severe weather plan is there as well. Maybe your work space doesn't have a basement. Talk to supervisors at work to see where is the safest place to go. And many times you may be at a shopping center or a big box store. Usually, those buildings do have a stronger section where you can go during a time of severe weather. And the personnel at the various stores or a church or the location will let you know where to go."

Justin says the advice on what to do when you're in your car during severe weather has changed over the years.

"The old advice for when you are in a car was just get out of your car and go to a ditch and you'd stay safe. And that's usually pretty good advice. Usually low spots or ditches. But cars have advanced quite a bit and safety features now a days, air bags and structural support and good seat belts. So, if you are in a newer model car, the advice is if you can't get off of the road and away from the tornado, stay in your car, put on your seat belt, cover your head, and that way you'll stay safe."

Justin says your children should also know what to do if they are at school during a storm.

"Also at school, they have safety plans that they go through every year, so you just need your children to pay attention when they are at school and going through their tornado drill so that they will stay safe."

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