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Talking to your children about storms

Talking to your children about preparing for severe weather can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be scary for them or for you.

Newsline 9 meteorologist Tony Schumacher with some tips.

"When it comes to severe weather and your children, you definitely will want to take time to discuss what severe weather is, because it can be frightening for young children especially to hear the thunder and hear the wind pick up and hear the stories of tornadoes damaging people's homes. There's going to be some fear involved there. But the more you talk about it the calmer they are going to feel and the more prepared they are going to feel. Just reassure them that we're taking adequate steps to stay safe and that adults will be there to help them through the process as well."

Tony says you should make your children aware of the dangers of storms, but you can go too far.

"You have to find a balance. You don't want to terrify them, but you need to impress on them that this is important information. When a warning is issued, it's time to take action. it's not time to go outside and take photographs and run around panicked. You want to stay calm and tell them to put their action plan in place. That's why we suggest they practice it because the more they practice the more routine it becomes, the easier it will be when the nervous and tense situations develop."

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