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Antigo girl petitions national company

ANTIGO (WAOW) - One Antigo girl is on a mission to help other young girls cope with a disease that affects millions.

Six months ago, Anja Busse's life changed when she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

"It's something that you really have to pay attention to. It's really part of your life. Once you get it, it's part of your life forever," said Anja.

But her family, friends, and American Girl doll helped her get through that scary time.

Now Anja is working to help other girls find that same comfort.

She created a petition on for the American Girl Company to add diabetic accessories, like insulin pumps, to their line.

She says it's important for girls to see dolls like them and it would help educate people about the disease.

"It would make them feel more comfortable with the disease, make them feel more comfortable about telling others about their disease, not just being scared and hiding it," said Anja.

You can sign Anja's petition here:

This isn't Anja's only project. She is also working to start a nonprofit that delivers care boxes to children newly diagnosed with diabetes.

You can learn more about that by visiting her website:

Anja's mom says projects like this aren't out of the ordinary for her daughter.

"She's a go-getter. She's the first born so she's very determined when she wants to do something, she wants to do it and she wants to do it a good job at it," Said Ingrid Busse.

Anja is determined to see a doll more like her and the millions of others living with diabetes.

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