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Fishermen celebrate fishing season opener


Fishermen flocked to the lakes and rivers on Saturday for the start of spring fishing season.

Eddie Berndt of Crandon says it felt good to be back on the water.

"I'd rather be on a boat than in an ice shack," said Berndt. "The water's pretty cold, so the fish bites pretty hard. Got one so far, so hopefully it gets better."

Department of Natural Resources officials patrolled Lake Wausau.

"We're looking for people that are over bagging," said Conservation Warden Randy Dunkel. "It's the first time of the year and they're excited over catching fish and they just keep catching them and keeping them."

They also checked people for fishing licenses and the right safety equipment on their boats.

"A lot of people first time of the year, don't think about it they go out in the boat and they don't realize that they don't have their PFD's or fire extinguisher or safety items," said Dunkel.

DNR Officials are also encouraging fishermen to download their new Pocket Ranger App. On the app, fishermen can look up places to fish nearby and also have a wealth of DNR resources at their fingertips.

"If you get to the water and realize you forgot your fishing license you can go on your smartphone on that app and purchase your license right on there," said Dunkel.

With everything in order, fishermen can then focus on the fun.

"It's that chance to get that big fish," said Mike Volkers of Rib Mountain.

They say it's the thrill that calls them back every year.

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